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I’m a highly experienced web developer who has worked in the corporate and government sectors. Now, I’m working for the best sectors of all: small business and non-profit.

Able to dream in C# and SQL, I’ve built many database-driven web applications. Some were used by a few people at a single location. Others were used by specialized audiences across the globe. Still, I’m a big fan of WordPress as a content management system on which to build affordable, easy-to-manage sites.

In addition to programming, I’ve been known to write a manual or twelve. I’ve also been a blogger, written press releases and white papers, and created some fiction. I’m currently working on my latest blog creation, Chronically Zen.

My newest venture is SPoT: the stock photography of things. No smiling ladies eating salad. Just nice pictures of things I run into in my everyday life.

The Road Thus Far


“Hey, wanna write our newsletter and manage this new web page thing we have?”


“Hey, wanna edit our software manuals, too?”


“Hey, wanna come work for us and write our software manuals? Oh, and learn some scripting, too?”


“Hey, wanna come work for us as a web developer and learn ASP and SQL Server?”


“Hey, wanna come work for us as a web developer and learn about Oracle?”

April 2002

“Hey, wanna teach some HTML and CSS classes?”

July 2002

“Hey, wanna come work for us as a web developer and learn IIS and SQL Server administration while you develop database-driven web apps?”


“Hey, wanna come work for us as a senior web developer, managing your own projects, and learn ASP.NET and C#?”


“Hey, wanna come work for us as a senior programmer and work with a little bit of everything?”

"Knowledge is like a lion; it cannot be gently embraced."

South African Proverb

Web Development

Web Development

I have created websites professionally since 1993, starting with flat HTML files created in vi. Now I develop C#/.NET and database-driven websites, as well as sites (like this one) using WordPress, a robust, industry-standard CMS/blogging platform. Let me help you build a new website or enhance your current one.

Database Development

Database Development

There is beauty in a well-designed database and the order it can bring to information. If you need help bringing order to your data chaos, contact me for a personalized quote.

Writing and Editing

Writing and Editing

Need a manual for your new app? Updated content for your website? Or a few pithy press releases? I've done all of the above and more. Contact me to tell me about your project needs, and I'll create a custom quote just for you.

Stock Photography

Stock Photography

What is SPoT, the stock photography of things? No smiling ladies eating salad, or even people. I create stock photography from objects I encounter in everyday life. My photography will be available for licensing on Creative Market.


Web Development
Database Development
Remembering Avett Brothers Lyrics
Waiting for the new Game of Thrones season

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